As a Salon Owner retailing Flow Products would be a wonderful product to display.  Commission salons would especially benefit as the Stylist would be able to educate and offer the products to their clients.  These products would not only grow the clients that patronize your business hair but they would also grow your bottom line.  You can't beat a partnership such as this!

Flow Industry for the Barber.

As a Stylist there are plenty advantages in distributing Flow Industry Products to your clients.  It's really a no brainer considering you speak with with them on a daily basis about what you can do as a team to get and maintain the hair health results they are looking for.  Flow products will be an awesome addition to and ongoing conversation.  Not only will you be able to offer you clients products that actually work, you will also be able to retail them from behind the chair!

Similar to a stylist, a Barber has an advantage when distributing products similar to Flow Industry's Products.  You too have an immediate warm market this literally looking for a product such as this to fill in those thin areas or thicken that beard.  I must admit, in this day and age with things coming along such as "man weave" men are getting serious about retaining hair.  Stay ahead of the curve by offering products such as the Prelixir, Grolixir and Beardlixir to keep your clients feeling and looking their best.

Imagine using a product that actually works and being able to sell it to your friends and family.  You are your best testimony.  What better way to spread the word and increase your bank account at the same time.  

Flow Industry for the Stylist.​​

Flow Industry for the Salon Owner

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